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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bigfoot - 'Bigfoot'

Words by Isobel Woodland 
After releasing two successful EPs since 2014, five-piece hard rockers Bigfoot were signed by Frontiers Records and are due to release their self-titled debut album in October. 

Opener Karma, is insightfully about “what goes around comes around”, with lyrics that inspire positivity and encourage ignorance of the negativity around you. It kicks in with a catchy riff which is followed by some equally heady drums and bass. With a distinctive hook and sing-along chorus, it’s a winning combo.

The Fear lyrically focuses on the relatable challenges ofdifficult relationships, and with contrasting melodies and heavier riffs that create atmosphere and emotion, it holds your attention throughout.

Highlight I Dare You is an uplifting account of being confident and standing your ground. It starts with only drums, followed by their already honed signature guitar sound and acatchy verse to boot, featuring a guitar solo to please the most avid axe connoisseur. 

All 11 tracks are powerful, hard rock songs with meaningful lyrics and appealing choruses. With contrasts of melodies and riffs, it’s an easy listen while commanding attentionThis package of delight is something the band have reason to be proud of.

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