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Friday, 31 March 2017

Planet Rock Roadstars: Broken Witt Rebels / Bad Touch - The Tunnels Bristol, 30/03/16

The Tunnels in Bristol are ready for some new rock tonight with the Planet Rock Roadstars tour featuring Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch.

When a band gives you goose bumps with their opening song, you know you’re in for a treat. The Brummie foursome Broken Witt Rebels make the venue feel like a shrunken stadium as they belt out tunes from their EP Geogia Pine with confidence, but not too much swag.

The restrained crowd doesn’t match the whiskey-soaked southern rock but are lapping it up, especially with the soulful Turn Me On that’s full of passion, but you find yourself urging Lead Singer Danny , with a smoky vocal that longs to let rip, to let himself go just a bit more.  
They give Planet Rock faves Low and Guns an airing which is catchier than a kitten on Velcro. They’ve got the blues-rock spirit in them with unique and anthemic vibes. The arenas of the UK should have their doors open. 

After a short break it’s the turn of Bad Touch who rouse the crowd from their daze with a Black Crowes infused cocktail of ballsy rock ‘n’ roll. 

These gents have turned up the volume and are giving it the extra notch of energy. Newly appointed Guitarist Harry conjures an image of Back to the Future’s Marty McFly playing at the prom, but executes crafted musicianship with shocking precision. He’s the surprise set highlight with old-school let-rip-riffage that fits with this band as well as Lead Singer Stevie’s flower power shirt.

The sound doesn’t do the music justice tonight, shame, butlet’s pretend it’s the 70’s as they showcase songs from their releases, including the Planet Rock playlisted 99% that has the place 100% rocking.

This has to be in the top ten of gigs witnessed in the past year and proof of why new music needs to be listened to. This is the next breed of classic rock. 

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