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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Monster Truck, Birmingham 02 Academy - 17/03/17

Words by Adrian Ball

Monster Truck has parked up at Birmingham’s 02 Academy tonight with the support of The Picture Books.

The alternative blues-rock duo kick off proceedings and hit you full in the face with a sound greater than the two people on stage.  There’s a surprise drum set-up with no cymbals, but what a great sound being driven with force to the audience tonight.  This is a band worth giving more time and attention to, another point in case for turning up early enough to catch the support.

Monster Truck casually strolls on stage before getting into full flow and opening with Why Are You Not Rocking and Old Train, setting the tone for a high energy gig with the crowd lapping up every moment.  Their songs have a feel that just makes you want to dance, jump and leap about and from the offset, the people were well into the groove being laid down before them. Here is an obviously well-loved band with fans that know every word to every song. No need to entice audience participation here; what a night.

Other highlights of the set are radio friendly and everyone’s favorite Don’t Tell Me How To Live and the not to be missed For The People

It’s safe to say that Monster Truck will be driving on at speed to larger venues, so catch them in these smaller ones while you can.

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