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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Riders To Ruin - ‘Stuck in Overdrive’

Rooted in the beautiful Cornish countryside, Riders To Ruin are made up of a band of brothers from one of the world’s leading pick-up brands Bare Knuckle Pickups. With full knowledge about their way around a fret board, combined with session musician experience, it kind of made sense to start creating some sweet music of their own. 

Formed in early 2017, they already have a previous release and support slots for King Creature and John Verity under their strings, so it's time for follow up EP Stuck in Overdrive.

Capturing the unrestrained recklessness of '80's rock ‘n’ roll, while rediscovering its soul with an angle all their own. Tracks Coming Home and Bird on a Wire are punchy with addictive hooks and enough 'tude without seeming crass. Seven Years slows things down, with the coarse vocal and chunky guitar equally fitting, while Hold On Me and Bad Penny continue the anthemic vibes, complete with necessary cow bell. 

With a promo video, festival appearances, support slots and a follow up EP to come soon, in a familiar scene of nostalgic non-starters, it looks like Riders to Ruin could be enduring contenders for a new favourite band

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