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Monday, 11 December 2017

The Bad Flowers -‘Starting Gun’

Words by Adrian Ball
Midlands hard-rock trio The Bad Flowers are releasing their debut studio album Starting Gun in February 2018, to coincide with a UK tour supporting Stone Broken, plus a spot at Plant Rock Radio’s Winters End Festival. The radio station named them as one of their “ones to watch”; a high accolade indeed with the band being more than a match for these expectations.  
The album is one that oozes classic rock riffs, ranging from the powerful delivery of Thunder child to the bluesy Who Needs A Soul.  On the first play, time flies by and it makes for a very easy and entertaining listen, highlighted on Lions Blood and Rich Man, letting your mind wander and sink into the vocals while you mull over the lyrics.  All the elements are there in abundance; it’ll make you dance, laugh and enjoy the moment of being absorbed by music
There are changes of tempo galore with heavy elements, ripping guitar and a tremendous back-line. The Bad Flowers know how to grab your attention, pull you into a song and maintain your attention. It’s obvious that a high level of care has gone into the writing, recording and production, highlighting the talent of a band that’s on the way up.

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