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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Federal Charm - An interview with guitarist Paul Bowe

Interview by Adrian Ball.
Federal Charm is a leading light in the genre nu-blues mixing a sweet familiar sound with rocking riffs and an exciting new groove.
Hailed as the hottest nu-blues band to come out of the UK in the last twenty years by BBC Radio 2, we managed to catch up with guitarist Paul Bowe while the band are working on their third album, before they head out on a UK mini tour taking in Norwich, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle in the spring.

How’s the recording of the new album progressing
 It’s going very, very well.  The smoothest and most laid back it’s ever been.  The change of line-up came in after an amicable split after our last tour and we demoed the tracks several times, so the album recording is progressing really well.

How did you deal with the change of line-up?
It was tough. We were doing well and had just finished the Planet Rock Presents tour and it was hard to deal with as we’d worked together as a team for four years to get to that point.  I had to pick myself up and carry on.  Tom Guyer (lead vocals) and Josh Zahler (drums) came in, had a few drinks together and then we gave them the material to go out and learn.  We all get on well and Tom’s enthusiasm has re-ignited mine, it’s great.

Were the new members involved in all the writing process for the new album?
They came in towards the back end of last year, but have put their own spin on the tracks.  80% of the tracks have been bought in from the Nick Boden era, who was our previous lead singer.  I write a lot of the parts, even doing the drums myself and then I send the ideas to the band.  

Any plans for singles from this album?
I’m so proud of this album I’d be very happy to release all tracks as singles and do a video to go along too, so nobody misses a thing!  The plan is to release three or four singles from now to September, then release the new album.

Is the mini tour later this year an escape from the studio?
It’s basically a statement that we’re back and it’s bigger and better than ever.  It’s been a year-and-a-half since we did a run of dates so we’re just glad to get out and play.  Tom has submerged himself in the older tracks and it’s superb how he has put his own style on the songs. It just blows me away.

What’s the plan for the rest of year after the album release?
There will be some touring in association with Planet Rock radio and announcements to be made this April and May. I can announce though that we will be touring with Molly Hatchet at the end of the year as they’ve asked us to open up for them.  This year is pretty much booked!

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