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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Drama Club Rejects - ‘Anywhere But Here’

Words by Adrian Ball
Drama Club Rejects are made of ex members of Whatever, Wildhearts and Supercharger and their first EPAnywhere But Here sees a combination of edgy riffs, power-pop choruses and downright dirty mood swings.
Hitting you full in the face from the outset, blinded by aggressive riff-tastic guitars and smash in the mouth drums,  Comadiet is a high octane and full-on punk-rocker with a seriously lead weight delivery.
Green Day comparisons are inevitable, but these Brits show all and sundry what punk-rock from our green and pleasant land can be. There’s energy by the bucket load, driven no doubt from years of teenage angst and fighting to get voices heard.
Shoulders Of Giants is packed with catchy verses and a ’hook in the mouth’ chorus that gets you on your feet and dancing around like no one is watching. And, who cares if they are.
Starseed somehow manages to raise the tempo even higher still and leads to having to impersonate a pogo stick whilst shaking your mullet around the room (assuming you have one, that is).
This is a sparkling gem of an EP, producing enough energy to power a small city.  It’s musical ferocity at its best.  This is a tremendous first outing and deserves to set the band out on the road to success.

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