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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Federal Charm / Gabriella Jones / Flowerpot - The Louisiana Bristol, 22/04/18

Photo credit: Simon Reed | Musical Pictures.

Tonight brings a diverse line-up at The Louisiana in Bristol with energetic alt-rockers and local girls Flowerpot, glamazon singer/songwriter Gabriella Jones and melodic Mancunian blues-rockers Federal Charm.
Bristol music scene stalwarts Flowerpot easily warm the small but mighty crowd, having done so at many local venues with their alternative mix of powerful grunge. Seemingly blending hints of their favourite genres perfectly to create one all of their own and the crowd seem happy as clams to be rocking out on a Sunday.
Gabriella Jones and her band is up next, including Planet Rock’s Wyatt Wendels on drums, fresh (well, ish) from the London Marathon – medal and all.
Looking all things chic with sequins and a sunshine smile, Gabriella has the room eating from her hand with endearing interactions and a multi-octave vocal, bringing it from subtle songbird to growling tigress within minutes. Fair play to the guys doing a strong job backing her and seeing a drummer with light up drum sticks is just a novel delight. Mixing pop, rock and blues, her songs have no trouble rocking things up, especially feel-good number Take me to the Party leaving you with a sense of happy contentment to be at the show.
Headliners Federal Charm own the room during the final set, showcasing songs from their two acclaimed albums including the latest Across the Divide, exuding swagger and self-assured sleaze rock. They’re essentially having an on-stage party for five and it’s infectious, while sounding tight, together and confident in their work.
The lead vocal is consistently strong and the band is giving a taste of real, ungoverned rock ‘n’ roll and it’s a happy sight to see.
They deserve a bigger crowd to fit their even bigger sound, so let’s hope this run of gigs and their obviously loyal following help to spread the word. They’re the friendliest guys to boot, which just adds to their appeal.

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  1. Second time of seeing the band, first time in Frome supporting UFO, vastly under rated band with the dynamic duo of Tom Guyer and Paul Bowe. The venue was tight, and I just think the resident sound engineer was out of his depth, not a good mix at all, but my faith are with the band and I know they can deliver, good luck lads!