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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

No Fit State - ‘On Your Own’ (single)

Words by Adrian Ball
No Fit State is a soul-infused, modern blues duo (drums / guitar) with an already excellent pedigree, having toured with Supergrass and Kasabian. Delivering their debut single On Your Own ahead of what’s planned to be a busy year, with numerous releases culminating into an album release towards the end of 2018.  If you’re a gamer, keep a look out for this tune as it’s set to feature in a big gaming release too.
An infectious opening of glorious guitar riffs give the song a jump start, before launching what can only be described as an enviable set of vocals onto the unsuspecting listener.  The pace is enough to get your feet tapping enthusiastically and the intensity is palpable, hooking you in as the boys continue to reel their newly created fans further in.  
Add this song to your current playlist, play it over and over again and then wait patiently for a set of highly anticipated singles to follow. 

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