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Friday, 29 June 2018

Federal Charm - Passenger

Words by Adrian Ball
Blues-rock outfit Federal Charm are releasing their highly anticipated third studio album in September.
From start to finish it oozes style and confidence from a band on the ascent to the top of the rock mountain, oxygen at the ready as they’re reaching for the highest height.
It’s delivered with a range of silky smooth to raunchy rock vocals that make listening an absolute pleasure.  The guitar work is exquisite and weaves in and out of each song, expertly matched in delivery from the keyboards and back line.   It’s a smorgasbord, a musical feast for the ears to absorb, engage and drift away with.
This is a stunning collection of songs with no element of weakness or additions to bring to album length.  Each song stands out on its own and Federal Charm have a plethora of singles primed, charged and aimed for release from this album.  Comparisons to the giants of rock such as Led Zeppelin, plus newer bands on the scene like Rival Sons, highlight the skill and dedication required to achieve such accolades.
Gems are a-plenty here, all carrying their own story with such diamond songs as opener Swing Sinner; a story about a young boy and an abusive drunk fatherwhile  Emerald Haze is a relationship song and the haze being a metaphor for jealousy.
This album is surely up there with the best of 2018 and will undoubtedly remain at the top of the re-play list for a long time.

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