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Monday, 12 March 2018

The Temperance Movement - Rock City Nottingham, 08/03/18

Words by Adrian Ball
The Temperance Movement are back out on the road following a mini tour in late 2017 and the following the release of their new album A Deeper Cut.
It might be cold and miserable outside Nottingham’s Rock City tonight, but there’s a warm and appreciative audience waiting on the bands’ arrival. The stage is set simply with curtains and boho rugs with soft lighting that creates a cosy and relaxed setting.
The band open with four songs fresh from the new album and lay themselves out to the crowd with a proud swagger that ignites the audience and sets out the atmosphere for the whole evening.
Phil Campbell (vocals) presents each song with such energy, driving the sing along sections of the set and drawing the crowd into the music. Phil shouts out that Nottingham is the best crowd of the tour, getting the rapturous response you would expect, taking the crowd appreciation up another notch.
The band continue to show how much they’re enjoying the evening with big smiles all around, while Phil continues to bounce around the stage with his unique and quite mesmerizing dances moves.
The rest of the set includes numerous fan favourites Be Lucky, Battle Lines and Know For Sure, ensuring everyone in attendance walks out with the same big smiles as the band.
The glorious machine keeps rolling for these guys and to see them live is a testament to rock and roll still kicking in its snakeskin boots and, thankfully, shows no signs of going anywhere but up.

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