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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Room 1985 - ‘Room 1985’

Words by Anselm Anderson
Room 1985 is a Psychedelic/Electronic rock  duo (Chris Chrysland and John Hulse) who both boast a long and varied history in music, touring Europe and collaborating with Van Der Graaf Generator, Ozric Tentacles and DJ Antoine Becks.

The duo’s debut is a self-titled concept album and is an expansive, mind- altering journey of heavy bass, progressive electronica and psychedelic rock. The lyrical content focuses on religion, modern society and love, all beautifully explained through the multi-layered programming, guest vocalists and stellar guitar work that create a sense of travelling through the outer hemisphere.

Opener This Is The Way encompasses a fine mix of melodic vocals and swirling electric guitars with hypnotizing synths, leaving you feeling mesmerised and entranced. 

Something is a laid- back track with excerpts on philosophy and Pink Floyd-esque riffs, while standout trackThe Door is an enchanting and atmospheric mix of harmonic keys and scintillating percussion that will leave the listener drifting into space.

The album evolves and creates new moods with every innovative track and the electronic beats and bending synths of Quote complete this bizarre and wonderful journey.

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