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Monday, 25 September 2017

Interview with Mollie Marriott

Interviewer: Adrian Ball
Mollie Marriott, daughter of former Small Faces and Humble Pie singer/guitarist Steve Marriott and step-daughter to singer Joe Brown is ready to launch her new album in November 2017. We welcomed Mollie for a chat about her style, influences and time in Nashville. 
RC: The album showcases your vocals and a variety of styles such as rock, blues, soul and even a little country….was the intention at the start of the process to mix up things up a bit?
I think it’s a natural progression really.  I’ve been bought up with many different genres and these are all my favourite.  It’s a bit grungy in places; I was raised in the 90’s so that’s probably the biggest influence.  Growing up with my step-dad (Joe Brown), he was always playing country in the house. Good, old-school country music like Alison Kraus, Union Station and Dolly Parton and it was the harmonies that mainly stuck with me.  Gospel is also a big influence.  
RC: Do you have a favourite style to perform?
I like singing blues vocal but lyrically it doesn’t really do it for me.  I like vocals and lyrics that paint a picture and that are honest and uncomfortable almost at times, such as Alanis Morrisette.  For a rockier edge I like Florence and the Machine and I think Florence is a great poetic writer.  Two females in modern day music for me are Lana Del Ray and Florence.  I’m absolutely loving Lana Del Ray and how she only appears when she has something to say.
RC: You talk about some songs being from personal experience… you find that easy to open up and sing about? 
I didn’t find it easy to write about people for a long time out of fear and being judged, but then I decided to let it go and now it’s not time to hold back. I am what I am and need to own these songs…It’s quite cathartic really.
RC: The album was started in Nashville. How did “music city” motivate or inspire you in the writing process?
I found myself in Nashville.  I was told that I had numerous styles in my voice and I should go to Nashville.  I did write some songs but I couldn’t connect with them -  it didn’t feel like me, but Nashville was one of the best things that happened to me and I’m completely in awe of the place, the writers and the performers.  I came back with Truth is a Wolf and went from there, which Paul Weller plays guitar on.  
RC: Any recommendations on where to visit in Nashville?
Downtown. It’s so country, it’s awesome.  So many cowboy boot shops too! The boots are beautifully made you just have to buy a pair.
RC: You’re out on the road with Bad Touch in November playing club gigs.  How do you find the clubs compared to some of the larger venues you’ve performed in?
In the larger venues I’m more extravagant with my stage wear, haha.  The smaller gigs can be scary in that you can feel the reactions of the crowd and hear them too.
When I go on stage I completely get in the zone.  I lose myself and cannot really remember some of the things that happen. My pre-gig routine is don’t eat four hours before a show, stretching, steaming, listening to songs, especially songs by Chris Cornell.  By the time I’m ready for the stage I’m completely zoned out.

RC: Is there anybody on your wish list that you’d like to go out on tour with?
That’s such a hard question!  Yes, but who……Eddie Vedder.  I saw him in London, own my own, at Hammersmith Apollo.  It was a difficult gig after Chris Cornell’s death and the audience were so into keeping Eddie Vedder going, despite the high emotions.  It was absolutely incredible to see as he is one of the last ones from the grunge scene.
Others would be Sheryl Crow and Robert Plant.
RC: On your website you’re offering to do acoustic gigs in peoples’ living rooms which is a great opportunity to connect on an intimate level. Is that going to be just you and a guitar or can your fans expect the band too?
It’s just me and my guitarist. A friend of mine, who is successful, said I had to do this. It’s a fun way to get up close and personal with the fans, so we’re looking forward to it.

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