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Monday, 24 July 2017

Lee Aaron (with Iconic Eye) - The Robin 2 Bilston, 17/07/17

Words by Adrian Ball
The Robin 2 is quiet when Iconic Eye grace the stage with a few loyal followers gathered centre stage.  A ‘cherry taking’ first gig for their new line up and they don’t appear phased.  It takes a song before the band are fully in their stride, but when they get up to pace it’s a pleasure to hear; there’s tight delivery that doesn’t reflect the virgin performance.  The songs are well crafted and sound like classic 80’s covers before you realise these are original material.  Vocals and instruments weave a sonic dance and you are transported back to when AOR giants walked the earth.
From this performance, Guitarist Robin is walking in the footsteps of his idols.  Here is a hard rocking, fret stripping guitar-hero in the making with a truly impressive with technique for solos and an inspiring stage presence.  Plus, the gel with Lead Vocalist Jane adds to the performance.   Firstly the songs catch your ear, your foot starts tapping and then you’ve become engrossed in the whole performance. Not bad at all for a premier gig.  
The crowd thickens a little for the headline act, Lee Arron, who are ready for a blast from the past.
It feels like a coming home party for Lee, who originally made better progress in the UK and Europe than on her own Canadian turf.  
The crowd is male-dominated which must be due to crushes on the singer back in the 80s.  Although a little thin on the ground, they’re gathered around the stage awaiting the Metal Queen’s entrance.  She bounds out and starts to strut confidently, opening with Tom boy the first release from her latest album Fire and Gasoline.
Obviously enjoying being back on the gigging scene, she is not holding back.  From low growls to high notes, she is sounding on point.  The band, including her husband on drums, is tight and proves more than a match for the leader’s vocal performance. 
Songs range from the 80’s classics to new material throughout the set, with highlights being nostalgia fuelled Barely Holding On, a spine-tingling cover of Deep Purple’s Mistreated and the newer but just as ballsy Fire and Gasoline.
Banter with the crowd is creating a friendly atmosphere which all ends too quickly the finale, the classic Metal Queen and tonight, she’s proved to be just that.  

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