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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fear the Fallen - The Order

Words by Adrian Ball

Fear the Fallen have been building a growing fan base since late 2010. Heavy rock with a twist, this powerful lot have just released their latest album The Order and are gaining huge support on their live shows.

This is a classy album from the out-set with numerous standout tracks; where it really shines is in its concept, styleand delivery that demands to be listened to in full and in the track list order the band have carefully crafted.  Head shaking, fist pumping modern rock with a story to tell, makes for very intriguing listening. 

Powder, Plot and Treason is so catchy you feel its familiarity immediatelyunable to resist rocking and swaying along.  The driving riffs throughout really make this song complete.

The slower pace to Fade away draws you inmakes you take notice of the lyrics and enjoy the mellow feel, before hitting you full in the face with a blast of rock n’ roll and fading away once again.

Forget Me Not has an instantly catchy riff matched with apowerful, hard-hitting rhythm driving the track onwards and upwards, while No regretfinishes off this refined album withsome hypnotic short interludes. Here is a well-crafted album that flows from start to finish, showcasing the honed talents of a hard working band.   

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