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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Interview - Iconic Eye

Words by Adrian Ball
Midlands rockers Iconic Eye are looking to rise up and conquer following recent line-up changes.  The band have previously played Download and released an album with a new one on the way.  Tonight’s gig at The Robin 2, Bilston is the first live performance for the new ensemble and we were fortunate enough to catch up with the band prior to hitting the stage.
Jane Gillard (vocals), Greg Dean (guitars and keyboards), Robin Mitchard (lead guitars), Adrian Scattergood (drums) and Mike Dagnall (bass).
RC:  This is the first live performance for the new line-up, what makes a good rock show for you?
Adrian: “It’s about enjoying the moment and throwing yourself into the gig, leave nothing in the tank!”
RC:  So what gets you all revved up for going on stage? Any tracks that get you fired up?
Robin: “Currently on my iPod is Crossfaith, a Japanese heavy metal band. That’s great for getting the blood pumping before a gig. 
Jane: “I find it’s whatever the venue is playing.  I really look to warm up my voice before going on stage and the rock music on in the back ground is usually great for this.”
RC:  Who are you biggest influences, bands and individuals?
Jane: “It’s really vocalists for me like Dann Vaughn (Tyketto), Marcie Free (Unruly Child) and I really love Steve Overland (FM) and the music from FM.  Hoping to catch them live later this year.”
Mike: “It’s the classic bands for me, like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, WhitesnakeTheQuireboys.  A huge hero of mine is Paul McCartney.”
Adrian: “Anything with a good backbeat and bands with really great drummers, which is an obvious one for me being the drummer in this band.  John Bonham is major influence for me - he’s one of the best!”
Greg: “It’s the likes of Bon Jovi and Thunder for me with a key influence being Neil Schon (Journey).”
Robin: “Oh, Ritchie Kotzen, he’s a great guitarist, great vocalist and I really like the change he bought to Poison for the album Native Tongue.  I most definitely cannot miss out Jimmy Page, I’m loving anyone with a Les Paul!”
RC:  What are the albums you are listening to?
Mike: “The Iconic Eye songs as we’re learning the new material! haha
Greg: “We all like Jokers, Enter Shakira, Devin Townsend - they all show such diverse influence. Plus Eclipse, the Swedish rock band. They’ve been a huge influence for us as a band.”
RC:  What plans or ambitions do you have for the new line-up?
Greg: “We are on the line-up for Hard Rock Hell 2018, mixing it up with the likes of Skid Row amongst others.  The new album is out in November this year and then we will be out trying to get back on the Download stage in 2018.”

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