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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Silk Road - 'Family of Four'

Words by Adrian Ball
Oxford-based four piece Silk Road are a perfect incarnation, after joining together from various bands on the same music scene.  A hard-rock outfit with attitude and plenty of snap, crackle and pop.  This is their latest EP, Family of Four, that’s already starting to make waves. 

Cold in the Middle is an outstanding track with crunching choruses, guitar solos delivered with finesse and exemplary vocals.  Don’t forget to check out the excellent video.

Iridescence slows the pace with a sombre mood, reminiscent of early 90’s grunge, allowing you time to think about the meaning of the song and take in the deep and meaningful lyrics.

Done it again shines out like the bright star that it is on this new release. Strutting like a peacock proudly showing off its feathers; one play of this song is just never enough.

Dizzy and Nameless are the final two tracks which really do add to the bands showcase, giving even more reassurance of the solid mark they’re making on the scene.  

The EP highlights a serious amount of talent with well written tracks, scorching vocals, rocking guitars and a thunderous bass and drum section.  All this adds up to a release that makes you sit down and take notice.  All that’s left is to relax and enjoy.

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