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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Four Colour Ghosts - 'Tempting Fate'

Words by Charles Patterson
Teesside rockers Four Colour Ghosts cite a multitude of rock giants as their influences – from Stereophonics to AC/DC, Chili Peppers to the Foos. To some, their style comes across more classic rock, full of cacophonous drums and screaming guitars, though they have no trouble taking things down a notch and open their debut album with slow-burner, Memories.
Faster paced Time follows a similar structure before the melancholic acoustic guitars of Say To Me change the style again. Change Your Life is an upbeat number, lifting the mood but it’s a shame that there are no real stand-out tracks here. 
The release is lifted by its second half; Fly is the first hint of a heavy rock sound while Come Alive is slow and doesn’t dig deep lyrically, despite some epic guitar solos. Brothers and Sisters builds to the chorus and packs a punch, which is the highlight track. 
It all comes to an end with the perfect snapshot– In The Shadows and Goodbye are leisurely meanders, while Freak is a full marathon of heavy drums and guitar, featuring some breath-taking instrumental passages.
The album is solid and while nothing new, it’s not a bad effort for a debut full-length album. A proper classic rock sound at times, but too few memorable tracks mean this one probably won’t be as much of a breakthrough as it could have been.

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  1. Thank you for the honest review. Some very possitive comments and great feedback.