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Saturday, 23 April 2016

TEN - 'The Dragon And Saint George'

British melodic hard rock band Ten are back with their first release in 16 years, 'The Dragon And Saint George', after their return to Frontier records.

Formed in 1995, this will be their fifth EP after twelve album releases, with another penned for 2017. After quite a few line-up changes and a lot of hard work, they've certainly been through it. But they've dusted off their armour and are back, stronger than ever.

This EP is an other-worldly romp through stories of alluring romance and the strength in pride. Fast-paced title track and 'Musketeers: Soldiers Of The Kings' are what's to be expected from this genre of rock, but why add something when nothing is missing. It's light listening with a hint of twiddly Thin Lizzy guitar, tale telling lyrics with waves of progressive melody. Like cheese and wine, the elements just work together. 

The tone is set throughout, with 'The Prodigal Saviour', 'Is There Anyone With Sense' and 'Albion Born' and fair play to them for sticking to their roots. They have an obvious stylistic grip and aren't tempted to stray from this and conform to convention. They're proud of who they are and hammer it home through their music. 

With a soft-metal core, they've create alchemy to turn it to gold. The future may hold more of the same, but it will definitely include a nostalgic look through the Ten archives with back catalogue releases penned soon. 

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