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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

King King - Colston Hall Bristol, 16/02/16

It’s a Tuesday, it’s raining, then that magical thing happens when you’re at a gig and look around to a sea of smiling faces, appreciating a mutual love of great music in aatmosphere of shared contentment and time stands still….ok, maybe that’s a bit over the top but King King killed it at Bristol’s Colston Hall tonight supporting Terrorvision and the mighty Thunder. 

Alan Nimmo (Lead Vocals / Guitar) is the embodiment of happiness as he beams his cheeky Scot smile all the way through the set. He’s relaxed and confident in his uniquely gritty yet booming blues-rock vocal. The rest of the guys, Bob Fridzema (Keyboards), Lindsay Coulson (Bass) and Wayne Proctor (Drums), seem just as at ease as they produce great song after great song, mixing pure blues with classic rock and all that good stuff that people want to hear on a night like this. 

The crowd reaction is solid and united; they all know this is something special as here stands a band that are on stage first tonight, but in a few years, you’ll be glad you weren’t one of those few that remained in the foyer bar until Thunder hits the stage. 

Showing off songs from their latest album ‘Reaching For The Light, as well as some of their previous tracks in their short but very sweet set, the crowd are getting a delicious concoction of seventh-chord-heavy melodic lines and rhythmic beats, classic rock riffs and scale-defying vocals. This includes bass-booming ‘Waking Up’country-fringed ‘Rush Hour’ and ‘Crazy’, finishing up with ‘Stranger to Love’ which really hammers home the guys’ love for their influences. Nimmo’s vocal channels Thunder vocalist Danny Bowes and his admiration for Paul Rodgers in its texture, power and range, making them a great opening fit for this evening. 

King King are set to rise and are continuing to do so. Touring the UK in their own right next month, it’s not to be missed. If you make a show, you’ll probably find yourself in conversation with them when they’re not on stage, as they tend to take time to hang out with fans after their set and throughout the evening, proving they’re some of the nicest guys in the business. 

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