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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Shoot the Moon - 'The First'

Good times, Friday nights and real rock 'n' roll music. What could be wrong with that? That's what emulates from the opener of the latest EP from Canadian band Shoot the Moon. 

'The First', which comes from hard work and a strong backing from internet radio stations that has earned them a following of fans from around the world, is a melodic, rhythmic and riff-laden collection of songs that will appeal to the masses.

From first track 'It's Alright', that tells you to 'live it up and live it loud', it makes it impossible to sit still. Catchy lyrics with a solid rhythmic backbone and classic rock running through its veins are what this band are about, and it shows from the offset. 

'I Want What You Got' starts off heavy, showing the band are meaner and moodier than first impressions give, while demonstrating a tight display of vocal and instrumental unison. And keeping with this theme, 'See You Around' starts with robotic, distorted vocal and shows it's punk underbelly. If this song were personified, it would be a tormented teen with a middle finger firmly in the air. 

'Doom' is delicious chunks of thunderous guitar work and lazily wild bashing of the drums mixed with feedback and rage. That's it. No vocals, nothing else. An interlude of just because.

And after that outburst, they feel better and come back to their melodious, rock 'n' roll selves with 'Can't Understand'. This track sounds like it's been around a while, swaggering with the confidence that it wears the classic rock label stylishly, and it fits great. 

As a debut, this is a pretty solid one and would likely keep music fans happy. Good luck to the guys and let's hope their growing recognition keeps on climbing. 

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