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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Elles Bailey - Who Am I To Me

When you hear the phrase 'one to watch out for', you might think it's another cliched comment from another music journo. In this case, bloody listen.

The title track on first listen sums up what this artist is all about nicely. A swaggering, funky undertone laced with a husky, bluesy, soulful voice that permeates images of sitting in a smoke-filled bar, listening to Etta James. A great warm up for what's ahead.

Howlin' Wolf' promotes emotive feelings of what blues rock roots are about and you can tell this is where Elle's passion lies. Her vocal is perfectly suited to this kind of work-hard, play-hard, southern tinged tune.

'Take Me Back' gives us a mellow love song with a warm, crisp vocal, occasionally breaking into that smoky sound we've heard on the other tracks. Aside from the melody, it's easy to get lost in the story too; enigmatic in a lot of ways, perhaps travelling a wide open road to find something lost.

'Heart Go Ooh' would happily sit on any radio playlist, without sounding like something that's been there, done that. This is one for the girls with lyrics like 'I've been a million places, no man's come close to make me fly'. It feels like this song has always been out there.

A classic yet unique take on her own blues style. Not quite mellow, not aggressive and unmissable for any fan of this genre.
Already establishing herself within the eclectic and vibrant Bristol music scene, but before long there will be plenty more less local types vying for her attention.

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