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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Black Star Riders / Europe - Bristol 02 Academy, 16/03/15

Bristol’s 02 Academy was rocked Live and Loud tonight by a double-header show from Black Star Riders and Europe.
Ricky Warwick and co storm on stage to a roaring crowd and plunge straight into Bound For Glory from their previous album, that leads straight into a rendition of Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak. Scott Gorham’s proud smiling face as he looks to the crowd says it all. The crowd are loving it.
The set isn’t shy of a few more Lizzy classics either such as Emerald and The Boys Are Back In Town, mixed in nicely with their newer stuff too. All Hells Breaks Loose, Through The Motions and Bloodshot are sounding great, plus Finest Hour quite apt as Ricky points out that it’s actually being played on the radio and real rock ‘n’ roll is being recognised due to fans’ request.
Next up Europe build excitement and atmosphere in their signature thunderous intro and strobe flashing way. Warming the crowd with their riff-laden heavier sounding new album title track War Of Kings. These days the band isn’t all about that song and have established a different side to themselves, firmly rooted in the heavier side. Superstitious and Last Look At Eden confirm this. Firebox fills the room with an orchestral burst laced with juicy chords, surrounding the crowd with a spectacle of lights, smoke and echoing vocals. A great example of today’s Europe.
Joey Tempest is full of energy, running and mic-twirling throughout while showing he still has the powerful voice. Praise You from the new album sounds great and has real potential to shine as much as an older classic. Not aggressive but not too mellow, maintaining that chunky-riff feel
They finish up the only way they can with The Final Countdown. You can see this never gets old for them and the crowd are jumping and singing along. Cheesy? Yes. Enjoyable? Definitely.

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