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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Vargas Blues Band - Thekla, Bristol 30/11/14

The blues as a genre is like the base ingredient of any great cocktail; you can mix it up with most things and end up with something great. On witnessing The Vargas Blues band at Bristol’s Thekla tonight (joined by Preachers Son and supporting The Quireboys), there is a prime example of just that.
Spanish-born, Buenos Aires-raised Javier Vargas has his guitar picking fingers in many influential pies. In 1991 he started up this band, heavily mixing his Latin roots with the blues sound. Two greats in the musical world blending to make a unique concoction in a classic genre.
Joining them tonight is singer Gaz Pearson, bringing a strong rock voice that’s perfectly suited to this type of thing. From a distance he is a blur of flowing blonde locks and psychedelic flare-clad moves. Singing the band’s original songs such as ‘Do You Believe In Love’ and ‘I Play The Blues For You’. 
What’s special about tonight is that they are joined on stage by Chris Jagger (yes, brother of Mick) who is a great singer/songwriter and guitarist in his own right. He jumps to the stage, giving a Jack Nicholson-style swagger filled kick-up-the-arse rendition of ‘Palace of the King’, which is clearly enjoyed by all. 
It’s great to watch a band that plainly have fun when they’re playing live together. It’s evident that this band enjoy each other’s company and just love to entertain.
No-one is saying this is ground-breaking stuff, but who says it has to be? If you know your blues and you like it, then this band do it properly and chances are, it’ll be for you.


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