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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Preachers Son -Thekla Bristol 30/11/14

If you’re a follower of the Irish music scene then you’ll know they’ve produced a good number of great bands in the past.  You may already be aware of Preachers Son, formed by real life preacher’s son and lead singer Brian Hogan, formerly of Kila.
Tonight the band are opening for The Quireboys at Bristol’s floating music venue The Thekla, bringing a swaggering classic rock style to rock the boat.
After recently releasing their EP ‘Jericho’ this is their chance to showcase their best bits with songs such as ‘Should Have Been Gone’ and ‘Come On’. A strong rock vocal and riff-heavy ditties ensure a crowd-pleasing thirty minutes ahead of second support band The Vargas Blues Band.  
Hogan’s between song banter keeps spirits high with the crowd, an added entity to an already entertaining set.
Their Irish influences can be heard via a folky kind of vibe, blended beautifully with a little bit of rock and a little bit of country. Catchy, but without throwaway lyrics or any hint of cliché, their music brings any classic rock fan just what they’re after. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with the simple formula of gutsy guitars and storming vocals.
Here is a nice little package of crafted songwriting and masterful talents all round. It’s great to see a young band in this classic genre doing their part to keep rock at the forefront, giving it everything they’ve got.


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