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Friday, 27 April 2012

The Quireboys: Bristol Fleece, 23/4/12

The Quireboys
Bristol Fleece and Firkin
Mon 23rd April 2012
Alaina Henderson

On a wet and windy Monday night, the crowd at Bristol's Fleece and Firkin were all gathered, eagerly awaiting the arrival The Quireboys.
Preceded by the exceptionally Irish and equally as talented Pat McManus, Spike and the boys bound stagewards at around 9.30pm. It wasn’t, in their words, '7 o'clock' but it was definitely time for a party.  'Tramps and Thieves' opened up the delicious selection of old and new rock 'n' roll, followed on by perhaps their most famous track 'Hey You'. Lead singer Spike, decced out in his pirate best was ever the showman and gentleman of rock, engaging with the people in a way that says we're in this together ; we've got guitars, booze and we're ready for a good time.
The crowd, ranging from 50-something Spike-a-likes to 8 year olds on their dad’s shoulders, needed no help in dancing and singing away. The look of sheer happiness on some of the faces says it all - they want a good time rock ‘n’ roll party and that's just what they got.
With a new album on the way, it's good to know that we can expect more of the good stuff soon. By the sounds of the new tracks that they sampled tonight, there's no sign of the spark dimming.
This band has always had the feel of the best pub band in the world. The music gets down and dirty with the roots of 1970’s prime Rolling Stones and sticks with it. You get exactly what you see, no frills, no messing. The venue wasn't full tonight and the people who chose a cosy night in sheltered from the rain tonight don't know what they've missed. As Spike expressed himself, 'thanks for coming out on this horrible Monday evening and keeping rock 'n' roll alive with The Quireboys' and that's exactly what they are doing.

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