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Friday, 24 February 2012

Beth Hart has got me thinking.....

Please, give this track the time and patience to be listened to properly. This cannnot be rushed. Like a fine wine it should be savoured and every drop taken in. Sit alone, with a drink, with candles, if or when you have the time. You will have discovered something beautiful.

Beth Hart collaborating with Joe Bonamassa is pure magic. The album 'Don't Explain' says it all, no explanation needed. This track here is just one example of that magic. A voice and talent like Beth's can only come from pure life experiences, sometimes tragedy, of which she has seen her share.

Here you are free to witness and enjoy an Etta James of our time, a talent of which the music industry has missed out on for a long time. Yet, the younger generation of music audiences seem to not have a clue it's there. It's no Dizzy Rascal or Bruno Marz, so it won't get a look in on the radio, music channels or live circuit going directly to the one's who are influenced so quickly by what they listen to. Not that it needs or wants to be, don't get this wrong - the album and the artists are extremely successful in their own right. The album has plenty of airplay on rock radio channels and millions of copies have been bought by fans - but these are the people already in the loop. This shouldn't be kept a secret, the word should be spread to the people who are so sadly missing out. There is a whole world of magical, life changing music out there. It's just sad you have to sometimes dig to find it.

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