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Monday, 30 April 2012

Philip Sayce - Steamroller (Album review) 30/4/12

Philip Sayce Steamroller album review
Alaina Henderson

Philip Sayce burst onto the scene early last year with his album 'Ruby Electric'. This saw him gain a slot in the hearts of rock-blues fans across the country, and now his next compilation 'Steamroller' has confirmed that place.
Here is a collection of songs with passion, grit, soul and as much talent that's physically possible to squeeze into 10 tracks. Sayce has proven that he knows his way around a strat and then some - with his style strongly influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, he twists and rips his way through tracks such as 'Black Train' without stopping to breathe. You can hear the intensity that Philip uses when he plays, it's a subliminal message that comes through the speakers when you hear his unique quality of playing.
The one thing this album has over the last, is that it shows off Sayce's vocal talents too. The title track is screaming, raw and gravelly in true rock star style, but move onto 'Beautiful' and you get sexy, sultry, breathy falsetto that ties in perfectly with the seductive lyrics.
As not to disappoint, you still get the bluesy tunes with heartfelt soul like it's straight out of the Deep South. 'Holding on' is one example of this, with a chant-style verse that would work so well with a live crowd of fans singing along.
'Marigold' has a different feel again,  slowing things down a bit as opposed to charging full speed into a rock frenzy. Almost as if to give you chance to fully appreciate a great vocal as well as a beautifully composed track. Sayce has fully proven that he sits comfortably with the guitar greats of our time. His music isn't always mainstream or subtle, but when something is working as well as this, why should it be tamed.

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