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Friday, 20 May 2011

Cherry Suede Live review - The Louisiana, Bristol, Sun 15th May 2011

It might be hard to believe in this era of downloads, bubblegum rock and plastic pop that real rock bands can still exist; bands that wear their influences on their sleeve and produce good, solid rock ‘n’ roll from the heart. Among the believers and here to prove it are Randy Scott and Randy Young, part of Cherry Suede. If you come across this band, you will have discovered a musical gold mine, and if you don’t? Then you’re missing out.

The band hailing from Ottawa have just released their self titled debut album and are bringing it across the water to the UK for some special acoustic performances. For first time visitors, they have a huge loyal following here at the Louisiana in Bristol tonight.

In this, the most intimate of venues, the set showcases handcrafted melodies such as ‘Learning How to Let You Go’. A cutely packaged tap-along tune mixed with truly heartfelt lyrics. This really shows off the songwriting and music-making abilities of these boys. Randy Scott has a soulful voice perfectly suited for the beautiful ballads they do best, but enough intensity and gravel to knock out a screaming note to rival any rock star. Combined with the expressive blendings of Randy Young’s backing vocal and skilful guitar playing, this duo are as good together as Jack and Coke.

Highlights of the Bristol set include ‘At the end of the Day’, a swoonful song complete with soft and sultry vocals. With lines like ‘I will come when you call, and I won’t let you fall’ it’s the perfect short story of love and romance. Like a chocolate muffin when you’ve had a bad day, it’s fully enjoyable to indulge in. Also, ‘If you were mine’ is a sunny and upbeat compilation that rolls along with pure ease, and the sweetest of loved laced lyrics firmly cement this song in true Suede style. The Randy’s really know how to produce music that will get you singing along as if you’ve heard it a million times before.

Later in the set, the influence of Bon Jovi is strong on the radar as they hit a rendition of ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday night’, and what a good job they make of it too. The small but mighty crowd are up singing and dancing along, complete with banners of requests and adoration from the front row ‘Suedettes’. A glimpse of Jovi in the early days maybe? It would be easy to see these guys follow suit.

The love of real rock is obvious when you hear the music of Cherry Suede. Hints of Jackson Brown, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi are easily detected in their own songs, but they are far away from ripping anything off. Just keeping the music alive and giving it the respect it deserves, carrying on legacies and hoping one day to have their own.

Genuine from-the-root rock bands don’t just exist in the past; they are here and now, and for this band, definitely in the future.

Rating: 5/5

Written by Alaina Henderson

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