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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Whitesnake: Wolverhampton Civic, Thursday 16/6/11

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend him your ears. Presenting to you a night of unbridled rock ‘n’ roll debauchery and misdemeanours, the Gentleman of rock himself, God of the Snake, Master of the Love Gun, Lord Coverdale….

Whitesnake are in the middle of their European tour, tonight hosted by Wolverhampton, to promote their latest anthem fuelled album ‘Forevermore’.

Storming the stage and delving straight into ‘Best Years’ from their previous album ‘Good to be Bad’, Mr. Coverdale looks the picture of Arizona tinted health.
Bounding around like a man half his age, giving the audience a true glimpse of what it was like to see the band in their prime 30 years ago. The instant buzz from the sold out arena creates a rush of steam from the sheer body heat and adrenaline in the Civic Hall.
Swaggering from left to right with as much comfort as if he was entertaining friends in his living room, Mr.C knows how to keep a crowd happy, and it shows through the next two hours.

With most songs in the set being from the new album, the second song of the night being ‘Give Me All Your Love’, there is still the expected classics such as ‘Here I go again’ and Still of the night’. But, any of the new stuff can easily hold it’s own against the heavy weights with no problem.

Doug Aldrich and recently recruited Reb Beach showcase their fret frenzy midway through, which gives David a chance to get freshly coiffed. Like two birds on a wire, they seem to communicate beautifully through their strings. An extended guitar solo to say the least, but just the explosive, roaring attack of the axes you would expect from a Whitesnake show.
With David back on stage, the journey continues through a collection of thunderous rock ‘n’ roll refrains to heartfelt, sentimental love songs. One of the new songs, ‘Fare Thee well’, at times, even sounds folk-like, but returns to it’s rock - riff roots by the chorus.
‘Is this love’ couldn’t be missed out - the giant slice of gooey musical chocolate cake that it is. It’s guilt laced, but fully enjoyable to indulge in.
Whitesnake are one of the remaining rock legacies with 30 years experience, who can still impress new generations of fans. Let’s hope the Snake are back again to prove they still have plenty of bite.

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