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Monday, 18 April 2011

Glenn Hughes Interview

I interview British rock legend Glenn Hughes to talk about the talent behind rock ‘n’ roll supergroup Black Country Communion.

Alaina: The new album is absolutely fantastic, a real breathe of fresh air to listen to something which is pure rock 'n' roll and not afraid to show it. How did the idea for this supergroup first come about? It was you and Joe right? There are so many great artists out there, it must have been hard to choose who to join?

Glenn: I was going to see Joe one night at the House of Blues and I played ‘Medusa’ with him –Kevin Shirley happened to be there and he said “we should have a band.” and that is how it came about. Joe and I had been friends before this all came about.

A: Joe has such a soulful voice and your influence has always been funk/blues infused rock, as you've mentioned before with your Motown influences. This works so well together on the album, is this one of the reasons for collaborating with Joe or did this just kind of happen?

G: It just happens. We work really well together...a great chemistry.

A: So did the bluesy/funky feel come from your input or was it a joint thing throughout?

G: It is a joint thing, but obviously, it is in me to lean towards a more funky style, and maybe for Joe, it’s more natural to play the blues, but Joe is an incredible and natural rock guitarist and this is a rock band, make no mistake about that...the funk is there, but it’s more’s time to really rock for me now.

A: It seems every song on the album has a story to tell, which is great as it's not just a great rock record, it's meaningful and makes you really want to listen to every song on there. What is the writing process like, who writes most of the songs? Where do you get these beautiful stories from?

G: I write most of the songs. I write songs about life. This new album is a bit darker and a bit of a different vibe from the first BCC album. It is a stronger feel. I am talking about the darker things in life.

A: So were there ever any arguments about who was going to get to do what?

G: no. we all get along great. We all know what we do best.

A: Who are your main influences as an artist? Do they match with the other guys in the band or do they differ? Is this why the new band works as there is such a mix of tastes do you think?

G: My main influences are Stevie Wonder, Wilson Pickett, The Beatles, Love and lots of other soulful bands from the 60’s and 70’s. Joe and I admire a lot of the same people, although he obviously has his own guitar heroes.

A: What are your opinions on the rock music scene today? Some older rock bands try and fit in and change their sound, but it seems you don't have to at all. Is that what's in your mind too or do you always want to try and stay current?

G: The rock scene today doesn’t seem to have very many original new people out there. It all seems really manufactured, although England still produces some original good music. I think an older band can change their sound if they want, if creatively that is where they feel they need to be. As an artist, I think it is important that you are able to express yourself however you want, but the public doesn’t always appreciate that. And once you are perceived a certain way, it is hard to change that and your fans resent it if you try to change.
I think it is important to try and move forward otherwise you can be left behind. I think most fans understand that deep down. As you mature and grow and change, so does your music. That can’t be helped.

A: What's touring like? Is it different to what you're used to as a solo artist? Do you all hang out together?

G: Touring is great. It is what I love to do. I would do it 6 months out of the year if I could. Joe and I hang out quite a bit. And Jason is like a godson to me.

A: What are the crowd reactions like when you play live? They must feel like kids in a candy shop with all of these huge talents in one room! Are there any songs in particular that go down really well? What's your favourite song from the album in a live sense?

G: It was great to play in the UK and see all the fans singing along. For me, playing in the Midlands where Jason and I are from and coming out and playing ‘Black Country’ and the crowd reaction to the song that was about the Black Country-that was a truly memorable moment.

A: You've worked with so many famous names, but are obviously very much established on your own. Which experience do you prefer? Is it better to get out there on your own and play your own stuff, or is it great to have someone to collaborate with on the road or on an album and share ideas with?

G: I can go either way. I enjoy doing my own material as it has its own meaning for me. I like the collaboration because I enjoy the camaraderie of my peers.

A: Deep Purple are back on tour this year -is this something you would think about or are BCC your main focus for now?

G: BCC is my focus.

A: So you have the tour and new album this year with BCC- what are the plans for after that? Are you planning any festivals?

G: We will be playing festivals in Europe after we finish the shows we have scheduled in America in June. So Europe in July and August.

Thank you so much and hope to see you on the road!

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