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Friday, 2 July 2010

Acoustic Ladyland Jazz review

Last night saw jazz band Acoustic Ladyland take to the stage in Bath’s Pavillion as they tour with their new album, living with a tiger.
For those who are familiar with the band will know that jazz is only one of the pieces of the jigsaw to describe their sound. They take influence from all over the place. Bravely dipping their toes into the rock, blues, jazz and heavy metal genres, but never fully immersing themselves into waters too unfamiliar.

Last night, they took to the small but stylishly decorated stage, to a timid round of applause. Instantly injecting the crowd with a dose of upbeat and rhythmic sounds, they soon get everyone tapping their toes. The crowd are of an older generation, all finger clicking and head bobbing along. They don’t seem bothered by the outside influences one bit.

Songs like the Mighty Q and Gratitude have sections of smooth sounds that would come from any smoke filled New Orleans bar. Fast paced saxophone, drums lightly tapping and guitar keeping a steady thumping rhythm. Then in comes a blast of rock guitar and heavy metal riffs. An almost punk feel with a heavy bass backbeat.
Occasionally it looked like this group were a rock band in denial. But seeing how passionately they deliver their predominantly jazz based comps you know they couldn’t be such traitors.

However, to the jazz virgin it may seem a bit all over the place. Out of time, out of tune, but isn’t it supposed to sound like that?
Some parts of the set kind of sounded like a ‘noise’. But having said that it was a well composed noise. If it wasn’t kept tightly in time (or out of time maybe) then it would have sounded like a litter of cats on the dustbin lids. The band kept it together and allowed newcomers to see what this genre of music is all about.

Are AL trying to please everyone by mixing up all genres together and seeing what they come up with? If you are a rock fan you will listen to rock, if you are a blues fan, the same. If you are a music fan, you will appreciate bands breaking the boundaries and making it work.

Overall this was a fun day out to experience something new and different. If you enjoy jazz and appreciate music played well, this is one for you.

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