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Friday, 2 July 2010

Alkaline Trio Live at Bristol Academy

The Illinois based band Alkaline Trio last night brought their take of punk-emo-rock to the Bristol Academy to showcase their latest album ‘This Addiction’.
The three boys must feel proud of themselves. Coming all the way across the pond to a jam packed venue of avid fans. Their new album debuting at number 11 on the billboard charts too, they have built up a great following.

They break out on stage to a chorus of cheers and chants from the excited crowd. For a first time viewer, such a massive fan base seemed quite surprising.

Once the music starts you can see why they’re so popular. The usually brand of Blink 182 and Green Day style guitar noise and vocal styling, but there’s something unique about this lot.
They seem to mix it up with melodic tuneful songs to belting rock out anthems. There’s only three of them, but they really pack a punk punch.

The band have already been going for some years, 14 in fact, and have had some line up changes over that time. This ended up in a slight change in their sound, but they have no worries that this has given them nothing but favours. The now mid-thirties trio can still belt out their rockful refrains with the same energy and enthusiasm as any of their younger counterparts.

In Bristol, ‘Dine Dine my darling’ gets the crowd moshing and serging like the Atlantic on a stormy day. Shouting the lyrics back towards the stage with as much passion as that’s being hurled at them. The party atmosphere is in the air, dancing and jumping like a frat party in the summer. So, you get a few beers thrown over your head. Who cares?
‘Over and out’ gets a great reaction, a more mellow sounding song, chance for a chill out before the next round of crazy. This is where the vocals really shine. The guys have real, genuine singing talent, pitch perfect and tightly together. Along with the technical, skilfull and damn right brilliant guitar playing, you can see why this band has ever growing popularity.

The new album is easy to listen to despite being punk rock. Probably the reason for the mixed age range in the crowd. Funky young things are mingling with the older crowd all for the same reason. To rock out and listen to some fine music. This Addiction delivers exactly what the band has promised. A real rock record with Chicago punk influence. Really taking us back to their roots. There are no screaming metal influences, just raw talent from where it all originated.

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