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Friday, 2 July 2010

Fun Lovin Criminals rock the academy

FLC – classic and fantastic.

After 5 years the Fun Lovin Criminals are back in Bristol and by the turn out of the crowd it looks like it’s been way too long.
The band took to the stage at around 9.30pm, suited and booted as usual. By this time the crowd were raring to go after an opening set from The Chemists.
At ‘a half past rock and roll o’clock’, they started with probably their most famous joint ‘scooby snacks’. This had the people in a moshing frenzy, leaving the cooler customers at the back to prop up the bar and enjoy the view. They then slid into some stuff from the new album ‘Classic Fantastic’ (Mars, Jimi Choo), which looked to be just as popular as their successful hits ‘Loco’ and ‘Korean Bodega’.
The band’s style can only be described as original. A mix of funk, rap, rock, blues and even jazz. One minute the audience will be rocking out to the heavy riffs in ‘Tenth Street’, then chillin’ with a dooby to ‘Smoke ‘em’. A real mix of styles which makes for an unbelievable live experience.
Huey stays in one spot for most of the set. Cruising along his guitar strings, quipping one liners and witty stories and crooning out that unmistakeable sound, the hum of his dulcit tones cooler and smoother than a freshly waxed polar bear.
Their NY style brings the atmosphere of the academy to a whole new level. The smoky lit bar, the steel cages which separate the floor levels, then hearing that strong gangster twang. Makes you feel you are stood in a dark and dingy bar in the middle of Yonkers in danger of being caught in a stick up. You can take the boys out of New York……
They finish up the set. After moments of chanting and foot-stomping encouragement, they are back on stage to end with the more than appropriate ‘Fun Lovin’ Criminals’. New York’s finest surely gave Bristol a ‘big night out’ and we thank them for giving us a bite of their big apple.

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