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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Phoxjaw - ‘Goodbye Dinosaur’

Words by Adrian Ball
New grunge in style, loud in volume and big on riffs, Bristol-based Phoxjaw formed in 2016 and have already built up a reputation for monster performances. Having toured the UK with Black Foxxes, Black Tusk and Avon, the band are set to smash the stage at 2000 Trees festival this year.  
The latest E.P Goodbye Dinosaur has an intro that guides the listener in slowly before the senses are smashed with the powerful song Triceratops.  
It continues with an explosive mix of heavy, grungy guitar riffs, powerful back line and a stunning mixture of yin and yang vocals; full on in your face opposes the delicate and gentler moments.
Axe wielding, crunchy guitars are at the forefront throughout, verging on punk and keeping you engaged and entertained, combined with traditional heavy riffs and rhythm presented with more than a nod to the 90’s grunge era. 
Lottery speeds out of the blocks and with its heavy guitars and intense vocals, it’ll well and truly blow you away with its style and presentation. 
Weapons attacks the senses from the outset, before dropping into a more melodic style.  Dinosaur Bones is a glorious mix of styles built to catch you unaware, turn your head and keep you glued to the stereo.  It’s a stand out track that deserves some serious airplay, and Plastic Wedding delivers a fine and glorious ending to the delicious serving from Phoxjaw.

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