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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Jet Black 3 - new single 'Carousel' out now!

Words by Anselm Anderson
Jet Black 3 describe themselves as genre-blending, with a love of riff-heavy rock, delta blues and grunge. They have been creating a lasting impression on listeners with an appearance at Planet Rock’s Winter’s End festival this year while regularly releasing new videos and singles.
The threesome’s latest single Carousel is a barnstorming combustion of nostalgic 90’s grunge tunes and singalong choruses that will enlighten any new listeners with its charm and energy.
The track signals its intent with the kicks of bass drum that echoes round the ears and guides the listener through a celestial journey of hazy rock with relatable lyrics and big hooks that do not disappoint, and swirling grooves and seductive riffs build to a raucous finish.

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