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Monday, 29 January 2018

Lower The Bar Tour: Steel Panther / Inglorious / Wayward Sons - O2 Academy Bristol, 27/01/18

There is a winding queue outside Bristol’s O2 Academy tonight of poodle perm wigs, snakeskin spandex and a giant blow-up penis. Oh and look - there’s a member of Kiss teetering on seven inch platforms towards the pub, with his mate in a hoody and jeans.  
Upon entry, Toby Jepson and his new band Wayward Sons fills the air with a delicious rock sound that’s nothing less than expected for this crowd of hungry rockers. The sold-out venue is packed to the sweat dripping rafters, but nobody is fazed. How can you be anything but elated when you’re dressed ala David Lee Roth in his heyday?  
Up next is Inglorious and boy, do they know how to hold a crowd. The perfect openers for Steel Panther, with the rock screeches and commanding glitter-laden stance of lead singer Nathan James and the mind bending fret fondles of the stylistic chameleon Andreas Eriksson on guitar. From the successful Holy Water from their debut album Inglorious to the equally adored Read All About It from their all-important second release, Inglorious II, their sound binds together with ease and this makes for one happy crowd, now all the more eager to get stuck into some innuendo-ridden sleazy rock ‘n’ roll.
We are only made aware of it being ‘feel the steel’ time when drummer Stix Zadinia slopes onto the stage. Maybe a backcombing malfunction has taken place, but he seems a little underwhelmed.  But, when he’s joined by his comrades and the first chord resonates, everyone is partying like tomorrow is the end of the world. OK, we all know this is a bit silly, but the talents and abilities of this band, between the anecdotes and stand-up, are not to be overlooked. Mid-set, guitarist Satchel climbs astride the drum kit and proceeds to single-handedly knock out Guns ‘n’ Roses and Black Sabbath classics while drumming out his own beat. Self-indulgent? Maybe. But, fun? Definitely.
Girls from the crowd are invited to the stage to writhe around to Weenie Ride, Gold-Digging Whore and 17 Girls In A Row.  Not for the easily offended, but they look like they’re having fun.  
Is the joke over for these guys? The rumbles of chat and cheers of appreciation would say it’s anything but. The band won’t escape stick from the press, judgement and differences of opinion, but as they would probably tell you, that’s The Burden Of Being Wonderful.

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