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Friday, 24 November 2017

The Coyotes - Live Wire

Words by Anselm Anderson
Welsh country-rockers The Coyotes have just released their debut album Live Wire which is homage to classic southern rock with mid -tempo riffs, singalong choruses and tales of heartbreak with a dose of the blues.
It opens with the delicious fuzz of guitar and harmonious melody of A Little Too Much; a strong song to kick things off with vocals that reflect the attitude and confidence of the lyrical content.    
 The album takes time to erupt with ballads that slow the pace down before coming to life with Tempted, a foot- stompin' swaggering tune that oozes all the bravado of a hit.      
The title track is fresh and crisp, with a rhythm section that retains the boldness of a band that’s going places. The album reaches its peak near it’s finale with screeching solos and melodic guitar and the finger picking electric-acoustic track It’s True, that has the vocalist lamenting the trouble he attracts.    
The album closes with the honky-tonk fringed Half A Pack Of Smokes. Complete with necessary slide guitar, this is a fun track that makes you smile and has an ethos that summarises the album as a whole.

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