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Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Cadillac Three - Rock City Nottingham, 13/11/17

Words by Adrian Ball
The Cadillac Three have returned to UK shores to promote their new album Legacy, riding the crest of a wave of rave reviews.  This time, the band bring with them Brothers Osbourne for the entertainment and delectation of a Southern-loving crowd. Yee-haw!

It’s the first time for The Cadillac Three in the venue and city.  The band has grown through numerous tours as their popularity in the UK surges.  

An electric atmosphere tonight in Nottingham as mumbling circles around the venue and the excitement builds for what is about to be received.  The lights dim and Brothers Osbourne launch into a set filled with country-rocking music.  The crowd warm to the band with nodding heads and raised hands;the band returns the sentiment with ever increasing enthusiasm.  Consider this crowd well and truly won over.

Next up it’s the wily, whiskey-loving threesome. Their intro track is kicking in, lights have dimmed and they casually saunter onto the stage with applause, whistles and raised beers.

The Southern rock set is packed with a delicious choice of tunesPeace, Love and Dixie, Slide, Soundtrack To A Sixpack to name a few and the whole venue is bouncing and waving along. The band feed off the crowd reaction whicgenerates more foot-stomping excitement.

The Cadillac Three can do no wrong with an audience who lap up each and every morsel of southern hospitality, delivered with passion and enjoyed by every single person.

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