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Friday, 17 November 2017

Bad Touch (with support from Mollie Marriott and Flowerpot), The Tunnels Bristol - 16/11/17

Photo credit: Liz Aiken (Bluesdoodles)
Words by Alaina Henderson 

Bad Touch is back in Bristol for their first headline tour and the crowd are waiting with open arms.

With support from local, high-energy all girl four-piece Flowerpot, and the multi-influenced, multi-talented and multi-octave Mollie Marriott (daughter of Humble Pie’s Steve Marriott) the guys are looking to perform to a great crowd.

They’ve brought their classic, heavy, vintage and unique style and when they get going, the stage is a blur of hair and paisley-printed couture. Think smoky juke joint and bar room brawls with a bit of cowboy and retro thrown in and that’s what you’ll get here.

There’s great energy with hands waiving and feet stomping in the crowd and laugh, jokes and cans of Kronenbourg on the stage. From truly rocking tunes from their latest album Truth Be Told like Outlaw and My Mother Told Me to songs from way back when, that they’re now happy to showcase because, as Stevie Westwood (lead vocals) rightly states: “Fuck it, it’s our tour!”

The encore finally unleashes the feel-good, fun-filled wiggle inducer 99% and sees the return of Mollie for the Planet Rock playlisted Baby Get It On.

Whispers in the crowd are of appreciation that this band creates story-telling songs and performs them so believably that you can feel their emotion. They’re giving the people a live diary entry and this makes for one great show. That’s aside from the obvious days, weeks and months spent honing their skills, resulting in the sound of a band well-travelled; physically and metaphorically. 

This is what great live music is all about – when you attend a Bad Touch show you just won’t be disappointed.

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