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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Simo - 'Rise And Shine'

Words by Wes O'Neill 
People tend to be afraid of change; of sailing into uncharted waters. Yet for some, change means growth, adventure and excitement. If you’re expecting the same album as Simo’s previous release, Let Love Show the Way, you’re in the wrong place. Rise and Shine is a master stroke of a follow up.

Having played 215 shows in 2006 in the USA, UK and Europe, some songs will be familiar to those who’ve had the pleasure of a live show, yet the sound created by Nashville Producer Don Bates adds further psychedelic atmosphere and cosmic surprises, which will all make the listener's head turn. Particularly apparent in the first single People Say, which brings the funkier side to the fore.

There are many moments which beckon to be listened to intently; lead vocalist JD Simo’s range is a delight. Along with being a well-respected guitarist, he knows how to serve a song, as do bassist Elad and drummer Adam. Lyrically, every song is truly heartfelt, sincere, honest and relevant to our times with I Want Love and the album closer I Pray highlighting this. Here’s a band that mean what they play and most definitely have something to say.

With such a wide palette of grooves, funk, soul and blues-rock fused, it’s difficult to pick stand out tracks as it truly is an album that deserves to be listened to from start to finish, which is a rarity and a treat among modern day releases.

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