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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Dirty Thrills - 'Heavy Living'

Words by Annette Valentine 
Explosive, exhilarating and obviously thrilling (in the dirtiest of ways) is Heavy Living, the new album from Dirty Thrills with captivating rhythms and lyrics, catchy choruses and awesome videos to boot.

They’ve played alongside Status Quo and headlined 100 shows in a short time, imploding the senses with their bluesy rock tunes. Although they resemble the best in the business, their sound is uniquely their own. They’ve found their niche and are top of their game; and they deserve it with a packed diary of dates to showcase this unstoppable talent.

Track Lonely Soul resonates long after it’s finished with captivating rhythms and a catchy chorus. Three and a half minutes doesn’t seem long enough and this one is sure to be cover-worthy for future DT wannabees.

Other songs stand just as strong - where predecessors try to repeat their hits, this band exceeds all expectations. Songs like Rabbit Hole, I’ll Be With You and Law Man are so world worthy; in Dirty Thrills we trust. 

If anyone thought that rock music was dead then they need to hear this – it has only just begun. Emerging from the unknown to the vastness of the rock world, here is a band that is going places, literally everywhere. Look out for their upcoming tour dates from September.

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