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Monday, 14 August 2017

Steelheart - Through Worlds Of Stardust

Words by Anselm Anderson

Steelheart are back with a new album that’s behind the powerful force of lead singer Miljenko Matijevic

Through Worlds Of Stardust is melodic hard rock that’s replete with expected fist-pumping, anthemic elements. First track Stream Line Savings shows early promise with the Robert Plant-esque wails of Mijevic, serving as an attentive opener with a catchy chorus and groovy breakdowns that seduce the ears.

It’s not until the fast paced riff of My Dirty Girl that things really get started with hints of Buckcherry stylings. Culminating in a hair-raising solo, this could easily fit the formula of any rock chart hit. 

Stand out track My Word is where the direction changes, drawing you in with soul tingling crooning, but then the shift into 80s style ballads with You Got Me Twisted and Lips Of Rain fail to reach the promise of the opening tracks. 

For a band that’s been through many ups and downs during its career, it’s a pleasure to see they’re continuing on. This is a balanced, melodic album for fans of radio friendly, nostalgic rockWho’s to say there is anything wrong with that? If it ain’t broke, right?

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