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Friday, 4 August 2017

Mr. Big - 'Defying Gravity'

Words by Natasha Hooper

Mr. Big are back with their new album Defying Gravity via Frontiers Records. This is the follow up to 2014’s The Stories We Could Tell and it still hits all the right notes. 

While staying true to their roots as pioneers of 80s rock, this album presents a fresh and exciting update to their catalogue. 

The consistent and creative use of guitar riffs is impressive, which any seasoned axe fan will appreciate. Each song is a true representation of Paul Gilver's skill as a guitarist and his technical ability holds it all together, flowing effectively throughout; especially demonstrated in Open Your Eyes, whileindulging in a heavier aspect.

Although consistency is maintained throughout, the tone and pace of the tracks varies. Damn I'm In Love Again showcases an acoustic, softer sound that’s reminiscent of their earlier music such as Wild World and secures the bands' status as a versatile rock group. 

The creative elements interspersed in each track via the backing vocals and climatic build ups are a joy. This is prominent on highlight track Nothing At All which successfully combines a commercial yet alternative sound, vaguely reminiscent of Jane's Addiction.

Maintaining identity as a band is important, but innovation of lyrical content or a sense of further emotional depth would have been appreciated here, the one downside being the tendency to recycle the same nostalgic themes and language.

Here’s reassurance that successful rock bands of the past are still producing great quality music for us to enjoy and this is definitely worth a return listen. As Mr Big release tour dates for 2017, it will be exciting to see their new music performed live and to see them maintain their legacy as a classic rock powerhouse.

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