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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Warrant - Louder Harder Faster

Words by Adrian Ball

Six years on from their previous release, the new offering from Warrant Louder Harder Faster features a line-up including original members and singer Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love). 

The band has fabulous pedigree for catchy and well written melodic rock songs that get you dancing around the house from the first chord.  Direct from the Hollywood scene, they gained fans with hits Heaven and obviously Cherry Pie, the latter receiving heavy play on MTV helped by the memorable video.

The title track sprints out of the traps, looking to get your attention and remind you what’s been missing. No Hollywood pretenders here, this is back to the real rock ‘n’ roll deal.

Devil DancerPerfect and New Rebellion offer a new kind of maturity, growing from the 80’s and 90’s party atmosphere.  The songs have developed to be relevant in this new era for rock.  A harder sound than previous releases; the addition of Robert Mason appears to have had a rejuvenating impact.

Only Broken Heart and Music Man are highlights with some scorching guitar work throughout.  The vocals are raw and a perfect fit with their more current style.  Still an element of party rock reminiscent of earlier releases, but now it’s all delivered with a sharper edge.  These are classy tracks which should be added to your playlist immediately. 

Warrant makes it all look easy here. It’s not about rolling back the years but being a hard-working band and showing your true talents.  This is a must buy.

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