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Friday, 28 April 2017

The Quireboys, Thekla Bristol - 27/04/17

Photo credit: Gordon Armstrong

It’s 7 o’clock (ok, 8.45pm) and time for a party as Spike and the boys have boarded the good ship Thekla to entertain tonight’s rowdy crew.

Well-oiled and ready to rock after being warmed up by Brit power-pop endorsers Last Great Dreamers and modern 1970’s morphed Souls Of Tide, the main event is eagerly awaited. 

Starting with Twisted Love from their new album of the same name, which is just as bar-room worthy with arena style hooks as you would want, the room is content. Carrying on with expected hits Gracie B, There She Goes Again, This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll and it wouldn’t be complete without Hey You,saw over-excited, beer-fuelled front row dwellers stirring an out of place mosh pit. 

Lead Singer Spike commands attention as he holds the stage, adorned in androgynous style and dripping with pirate swagger. A pioneer of the gravelly vocal, he’s jumping, dancing and shaking about as much as his denim flares will allow.

Although slightly let down by the mediocre sound of the venue, better suited to bass-fuelled club nights, they are very much, as they put it, keeping rock ‘n’ roll alive with their mix of troubadour tunes tinged with blues and bourbon. New and old songs blend together to give an undiluted hour and a half of long crafted showmanship, fused together by passion and experience.

They aren’t breaking any records and the crowd certainly isn’t as large as they deserve, but they’re giving people a good timeand striking a match that keeps the rock flame alight.

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