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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Drama Club Rejects - 'Drama Club Rejects'

Words by Emma Reynolds

Drama Club Rejects, featuring ex members of Wildhearts, Whatever, Almighty and Supercharger have just released their self-titled debut album and it’s brilliant. 
The group originate from Newcastle and use their combined history of rock music to create edgy solos with twists and swings in the tempo which change your mood throughout this musical journey.

The second the album begins with King of 2nd Chances it’s straight into a classic guitar hook; something which all of us rock fans live for. Following on with adrenaline rushing riffage from Idiot Parade, the album is set to be one that gets your head banging.

There’s punk-laden Kickin’ A Hole and more mellow Homesick Alien, which prove they have the ability to vary the pace, while highlight Destination Anybody has a moody vibe that makes you really think as you listen to the lyrics. We hear “where’d you wanna go? Who you wanna be?”, prompting us to think about our own futures and feel nostalgic about how far we have already come. 

Overall an emotive release that leaves you wanting more and it looks like we won’t have too long a wait. You can find them performing their new album on tour and at local festivals such as Camden Rocks alongside Feeder, The Coral and The Damned.

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