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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Stone Theory - E F**kn' P

Words by Charles Patterson 

A Bristol four-piece with their roots in rock, blues and metal and who describe themselves as “vagabonds, scoundrels and delinquents”, this EP from Stone Theory was sure to be interesting. 

Gaggin’ For It is a rousing opener, a sordid tale of love, lust and infatuation about pleasing a woman. “I will please you ‘til you’re gagging for it”, they sing, almost a direct message to the fans they want to excite.

Undone follows this, a track full of heavy riff and drum combos, the catchiest guitar solos on the EP, with perhaps at times a touch-too-raw vocal, though Stone Theory’s passion for performing shows throughout the record.

Crawl is a double-barrelled shot of raw emotion. They sing of “falling victim to addiction”, and that is a possibility with this band. The more you hear this song, the more you love it but it is the next track the really highlights their diversity.

It’s a seamless transition from the roaring vocals of Crawl to Deadlight. It’s a softer tone vocally, but sung over wailing guitars for maximum impact. 

To close the EP, Stone Theory turn Back Door Man (originally by Howlin’ Wolf, but made famous by The Doors in the 60s) from a soulful blues track into a modern rock masterpiece.

All in all, an enthusiastic effort from these newcomers. An EP full of lung-bursting energy throughout. They themselves say that “indifference has no place here”, and seemingly neither does mediocrity as they crash onto the rock scene with a rather loud bang.

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