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Monday, 5 December 2016

GU-RU - Into The Light

Words: Adrian Ball

Leicester trio GU-RU, described as a “bouillabaisse of cosmic funk, soul and full-tilt motor groove”, are releasing their second EP Into The Light in January 2017.

Their influences cover a wide range, from The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and Yes to name a few and what a mix of styles on this EP. Really likeable right out of the traps, it moves through a variety of periods in musical time.  

First track, When I’m with you, brings memories of ‘60’s Mod music to mind immediately with a catchy verse and solid rhythm throughout.  The Letter by The Box Tops is a good comparison - which is definite thumbs-up.

Next, the title track hits all the senses with some psychedelic chill-out time.  Put on some incense, have a glass of wine, sit back and relax to this mellow and really well delivered song.  

Flo continues the sweet sounds from the previous trackAn instrumental that manages to bring the EP together, showing great musicianship that’s a really enjoyable listen.  This leads nicely to the highlight track Pleasure mile that has a classy and mature feel, instantly reminiscent of Genesis and The Who crossed with a little of the Brit pop revival.  

This EP builds dramatically, reaching its pinnacle on Pleasure mile.  What started as a reminder of the ‘60s when Mods rode scooters and wore tent parkas, ended up in 70’s psyche. What a mixture but it works so well, magically transporting the listener back in time.

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