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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Jack Savoretti - O2 Academy Bristol, 05/11/16

Photo credit: Becky O'Grady

For someone used to attending rock gigs full of long-haired, leather jacketed nostalgia hunters, this is a little different. But that’s no bad thing and Bristol’s O2 Academy is sold out for Jack Savoretti on this chilly Bonfire Night.

The female-strong audience are exuding an excited harmony of chat and giggles, in anticipation of the arrival of the Italian-English singerThe preceding Jones, a beautiful London soul singer seems to be keeping the relentlessly Jack-hungry gaggle more than entertained, before Mr.S emerges from darkness and launches straight into the title track from his new album, Sleep No More.

Modestly backlit and wearing an Armistice poppy, smoky vocals crooning, it’s easy to see the appeal. Although there’s not much crowd interaction, he’s in his own world and you definitely catch a glimpse into a culturally rich life, with Andalusian claps, whistles and strums integrated into BBC Radio 2 favourite Written in Scars.

“Any Other Way” has the story telling, foot stomping feel of a Johnny Cash song about 'getting it all wrong', then the pace is lifted with “When We Were Lovers”

At times, the crowd doesn’t match the laid back vibe with security in full action, attempting to tame the oestrogen fuelled antics. Jack Sav fans are serious. And so is he when it comes to the music, but seems to loosen up with party numbers like Other Side of Love and “Back Where I Belong”. With everyone singing along, it seems like he is. 

The rest of the band deserves equal recognition, each being talented musicians in their own right. It’s great to see a gang with a combined age of less than 500 years displaying such talent and thoroughly enjoy doing so. 

At the encore, fan girl hysteria almost makes a modern day appearance. And here we are appreciating the guitar techniques and vocal prowess. It’s safe to say this is a full package of great musicianship and the crowd number speaks volumes here tonight.

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